Maggie Angus Berkowitz

Ceramic tile artist

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Self Portrait

Welcome to my web site - my home base virtual gallery!

This site contains a selection of my work over past years. It will be updated regularly as new photographs become available (new work there always is).

My panels are pictures painted with glazes and oxides, fired on unglazed tiles. They are not designs - each one is site specific and individual - but they may act as indicators for you if you think of commissioning work.

Sunlight and water add to these paintings. Some are suitable for external use, some for floors. Almost vandal proof when built in and, more importantly, a source of increasing pleasure to their viewers.

My work can be seen as Public Art Work in situ, and at the following galleries/shops:

  • Oddfellows Gallery, Kendal
  • Dexterity, Ambleside
  • Laburnum Gallery, Nr Penrith
  • Craft Potters' Shop, Marshall St, London WC1


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Maggie Angus Berkowitz, Ceramic Artist
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